Just saw Linux on Washington, D.C. Channel 9

David Walser

I just saw Linux mentioned on Channel 9, Eyewitness News, the
local Washington, D.C. CBS affiliate.

Actually the main piece of the short garbel was Microsoft’s
amazing (disgusting) success story, and they were pondering if any
company could ever match it. The mentioned Amgen. Then they said a
small bit about “a small North Carolina company named Red Hat.”
They quickly showed a Linux booth from some show, in the
half-second shot I saw a t-shirt, two guys, and a lotta penguins.
Then they showed a RH6.0 box coming off the production line and
they zoomed in on it. They pondered if Linux could be the next big
competitor to MS. Then they mentioned how MS has killed every
competitor in the past “leaving them dead in their path.” They
forgot to mention that MS isn’t exactly competing with a company
this time, so their old tricks won’t work.

That kind of angers me, because this may have been the first
(albeit very short) exposure some people have to Linux (and the
idea of an alternative OS in general) and they way they crafted
that one-minute bit may make people pass it off as nothing serious
because “MS is gonna kill it like everything else.” Oh well, just
thought I’d mention it, I was kinda surprised to see Linux on the
news, really. It was nice. I guess it really is getting into the