JustLinux: Installing program becomes the object of obsession

[ Thanks to Dan
for this link. ]

“It began innocuously enough. I was installing Slackware 7.0 on
one of my PCs because I was roped into an assignment to write two
chapters in an upcoming Slackware book. I mention this detail
because I just want everyone to know that I am not in the habit of
tearing apart my systems every few weeks just to try a new Linux
distribution on a whim. I am much more stable than this.

“…I have a peculiar weakness for anything astronomy-related.
Telescopes, planetariums, and of course, astronomy software. So,
when I saw Kworldwatch flash by on the screen, my little antennae
started twitching. Sure enough, it was what I suspected: a
graphical representation of where the sun is shining at any given
time of the day.

“This, I had to get.”

“This” became the object of obsession and frustration for a
few hours, a period of time that I want to share with you. This is
not a detraction on the products I am about to mention but rather
an examination of how Linux distributions deal to each other or
don’t deal, as the case may be.


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