Katherine Noyes: I’m a Linux fan, and I enjoy helping to bring Linux to the forefront

[ Thanks to darkduck for this link.

“DD: Talking about the open source, what is your choice of
favourite Linux distribution, desktop environment, applications?

“KN: I’ve played around with several Linux distributions, but
for my daily computing I’m still on Ubuntu 10.10, or Maverick
Meerkat. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that, since it’s several
versions back, but somehow I just haven’t gotten comfortable enough
with Unity yet to go with it on my main PC, which I have set up in
a dual-boot scenario with Windows 7. I also like Linux Mint a lot,
though, and have that running on a laptop. As for applications, I
use LibreOffice exclusively for my writing and related stuff, as
well as GIMP for when I have to work with images. I’m on the latest
Firefox for Web stuff, though I also have Chrome and my son (also a
budding geek) is trying to get me to try out Opera. Thunderbird is
my e-mail package.”

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