KDE.org: Desktop Memory Usage

“This was actually supposed to be a follow-up to my tests of
startup performance of various desktop environments, primarily KDE
of course :). In fact I even did most of the benchmarks some time
after the startup ones, but, alas, I’m much better at writing
things that computers are supposed to read than at writing things
that people will read :-/ (some volunteer to write good user
documentation for KWin’s window specific settings, BTW 😉 ?) I even
meant to make a somewhat more extensive analysis of the numbers,
but having never found time to write that, I decided I should
publish at least a shorter variant with all the numbers and some
conclusions. You can do your own analyses of the numbers if you

“These memory benchmarks are meant to measure various cases of
desktop configuration and compare KDE to some other desktop
environments. Specifically, I compared against Xfce 4.2.2 (as
shipped with SUSE Linux 10.0) as the so-called lightweight desktop,
WindowMaker 0.92.0 as a plain window manager and GNOME…”


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