KDE.org: The People Behind KDE: Lauri Watts

“Q: What is your role within KDE? A: Documentation Reviewer.
I guess you’d call that “Help File nitpicker”. I help review the
documentation for various things including sgml markup, typos,
completeness. Closest to a real world job would be a copy-editor,
but I try to stay out of editorialising the actual text unless it’s
not making sense. That’s rare, the doc writers are doing a
wonderful job.”

“Q: How and when did you get involved in KDE? A: Earlier this
year. Saw people complaining on newsgroups about apps that didn’t
have help files, and got tired of opening up the help files that
were there and seeing “Not written yet”. I’m no developer, but I
believe in KDE, so I offered help doing what I can do – there’s
plenty of artists involved already, but documentation isn’t as
“sexy” as drawing cool icons and themes. But… someone’s got to do
it, and I enjoy it.”

“Q: How much time do you spend on KDE? A: Too much 🙂 I couldn’t
guess. A lot, some days, none at all on others. Since I’m generally
working on things other people have sent in, it depends how much
work other people are doing, how much ends up with me at any given


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