KDE Project Ships First Alpha of KDE 4.1

“The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of
KDE 4.1 Alpha1. With the soft feature freeze in effect, KDE 4.1
provides a first preview of what can be expected from KDE 4.1, due
in late July this year.

  • “Akonadi is among the new big things in KDE 4.1. Akonadi is the
    desktop-independant storage engine for Personal Information
    Management (PIM) data. While not yet based on Akonadi, KDE 4.1 also
    brings a KDE 4 port of PIM applications such as KMail and
  • “With KDE 4.0 being available for X11 platforms, KDE 4.1 will
    also be available on Windows, Mac OS X and OpenSolaris. The ports
    are not yet completely finished yet, but good for a first preview