KDE Widgets: Why They Matter

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“You only have to look at the rich assortment of applets in KDE
— which calls them widgets — to see what GNOME and Unity are
missing. If anything, KDE’s widgets are even richer than GNOME 2’s
applets, with dozens of small pieces of functionality that range
from the serious to the trivial and the basic to the expert and
obscure, including everything from hardware indicators and system
configuration tools to desktop enhancements and toys and
educational software.

“The exact choice of widgets varies with the release and the
distribution, but over 75 are included with most implementations of
KDE. You can place them on either the panel or the desktop,
depending on whether you click the desktop or panel toolkit (the
so-called cashews) on the upper right of the desktop. Select Unlock
Widgets then add widgets, and a searchable, horizontally-scrolling
window opens.

“From the window, you can reach a brief mouseover description of
each widget, and double-click to add the widget to the desktop or
panel. You can move, resize, delete, and, in some cases, customize
all widgets until you select Lock Widgets to hide the widget’s
configuration toolbar.”

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