Kernel Traffic And Kernel Cousins URL/layout Change

Zack Brown writes:

It’s been in the works for awhile now, and at last http://kt.linuxcare.com has the KT/KC
pages. This is now the official home page of Kernel Traffic and the
Cousins, and you should update your bookmarks and whatnot, as the
old site http://www.kt.opensrc.org will soon
just be a redirect there.

The layout of the pages will soon be changing as well, to be an
integrated part of the Linuxcare pages. Their new (as of
LinuxWorld) layout is very interesting and worth examination. It
strives to be browser neutral, and avoids things like loud
graphical clutter and fixed width pages.

Any kind of layout change has the potential to cause problems,
and I’d like to minimize the pains of transition. Anyone who might
have problems viewing KT/KC in that format should contact me as soon as possible so
those problems can be addressed.

While I’m here, I’d like to thank Mark Constable, who runs the
opensrc.org server for the
benefit of community projects. He hosted KT/KC for the past 8
months and was there when I needed him on many occasions. He is way
cool and I’m grateful. Thanks for everything, Mark.