Koobface Can Infect Linux Systems Too

[ Thanks to Debjit for this link.

“Koobface is a trojan that has been going around in
social networking sites like – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace
etc. It originally started as a Windows only trojan. But a few days
ago, a new variant emerged which can infect both Mac OS X and

“Infecting a Mac or a Linux system with Koobface is quite
tedious. Unlike in Windows, users need to manually download a java
applet and give it the permission to run – that should stop
the trojan right there for most users. In Linux, it gets even
better – even if the applet has been allowed to run and the
system has been infected, all that is needed to stop it is a simple

“However, according to some experts, the Linux infection is an
unintended effect.”

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