Korea Times: Lineo Leader to Offer Embedded Linux Solution

Q: Who are your competitors in your

A: The embedded market place really has two
segments: proprietary embedded OS vendors and embedded Linux
vendors. In the proprietary embedded market, Wind River, QNX and
Microsoft are the biggest competitors. In the embedded Linux
market, Montavista, LynuxWorks, and Red Hat are the largest

Q: What are the most significant trends,
developments or changes that you anticipate in your market segment
over the next several years?”

A: There are really two things: consolidation
and the proliferation of embedded devices. Already in 2000 there
has been a great deal of consolidation in the embedded Linux
market. Between January and May of 2000, Lineo acquired six
companies and has been actively assimilating technologies and
products from these companies into our product offerings. A few
strong companies have emerged through this consolidation and Lineo
is certainly one of the leaders in the embedded space.

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