KT.Linuxcare.com: Possible GPL Violations In Kernel Source

“Mark Spencer found this suspicious-looking text in the NFTL
(NAND Flash Translation Layer) driver source:

The contents of this file are distributed under the
GNU Public Licence version 2 (“GPL”). The legal note below refers
only to the _use_ of the code in some jurisdictions, and does not
in any way affect the copying, distribution and modification of
this code, which is permitted under the terms of the GPL.”

“Mark felt that the ISDN case was not a GPL violation,
“because the authors of the code do not place any additional
restrictions on the GPL whatsoever, they simply bring it to your
attention that using an un-certified ISDN stack may be illegal in
some countries.” But he went on:

…I’ve already brought this to the attention, of
course, of RMS and ESR. Richard believes that this violates the GPL
because it places additional restrictions not found in the GPL. In
any case, it seems pretty obvious that this restriction violates
section 6 of the Open Source Definition…”


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