Kubuntu Returns to Glory with 11.04

[ Thanks to Jeremy
for this link. ]

“Kubuntu 11.04 was a surprise, not just because of the fact that
all of my hardware worked out of the box (with a small exception,
more on that later), it was a surprise also because of the level of
polish that went into it. The latest iteration of Kubuntu is
definitely beautiful from the time it’s booted, all the way to the
desktop. Even the boot splash works, which I’ve never seen actually
work in Ubuntu or Kubuntu on the six different computers I tried
them on since they adopted Plymouth.

“While 11.04 was in beta, I was very critical of the fact that
Ubuntu’s fonts are being used in Kubuntu. I found that it looked
weird, and just didn’t fit with Kubuntu at all. In some cases, I
felt that the Ubuntu font made my eyes strain. Thankfully, the
fonts have been fixed. I’m not sure what the developers did (the
Ubuntu font is still being used) but the final release looks much
better, and the fonts actually look beautiful. However, those of
you accustomed to using KDE on distributions that don’t alter it
(like Arch) it may take some getting used to. A few things don’t
quite look right (such as the spacing of bookmarks in Firefox) but
that’s a minor complaint.”

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