Limitations of Windows PowerShell vs. Linux SSH/bash

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with PowerShell recently, on
Windows 7. And I have to admit, I’m impressed with some things, but
disappointed with others. It’s young as far as software is
concerned, so that may be part of this. I’ve worked with the Bash
shell on Linux for many years, and now that I had to use PowerShell
I’ve seen some limitations that are surprising. For instance, right
away I noticed that PowerShell uses the same old telnet client that
Windows 95 used. It’s horrible. Especially with copy/paste. You
have to go under the main menu, and select a “Mark” function, then
select your text (which doesn’t select line by line, it selects by
cursor position). You have to go under the menu to do the Copy and
Paste functions as well (no keyboard shortcuts that I know of).
Simply archaic in my opinion.

“On the flip side, SSH is extremely versatile and flexible. And
here’s why. First, you can use ANY SSH client you want. Personally,
I use PuTTY. It’s very lightweight, powerful, and has the features
that work for me.”

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