Linsider: Rocket Boys and Falling Rocks: The Linsider Linux Weekly Stock Summary

[ Thanks to Fred
for this link. ]

“We can analyze it all we want, but in the end the truth is
still the truth: market watching is not for the faint of heart.
In this first of what will be a weekly analysis, we examine the
fall and fall (no rise) of the Linux empire. At least as it relates
to stock prices. Fear not, oh nerdy investor. What befell Linux,
befell them all.”

“Ouch. This was supposed to be the first issue of a weekly
column discussing which Linux related companies stocks had shot up
(or down) in price. Although posted news stories often have little
to do with a company’s stock performance, it is interesting to note
what was being said about this new Linux economy and how the market
was responding, if not actually reacting.”

“Well, I picked a strange point in history to inaugurate such a