Linsider: Snapshot: Linux Distributions

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for this link. ]

“Corel goes graphic, SuSE adds Windows and TurboLinux seeks
an Oracle. It’s all in a weeks work here at Linsider, as we take a
look at the week that was for Linux Distributions.”

“ZDNet’s Interactive Week Online talked bluntly about Corel and
it’s move into the Linux arena: “Corel has a lot riding on the
willingness of its customers to try its desktop Corel Linux OS and
newly minted Linux versions of its CorelDraw and WordPerfect
product lines.” C|Net and The Graphics Muse talked about Corel’s
move into the Linux graphics marketplace. Combined with their
release of CorelDraw for Linux two months ahead of schedule, their
purchase of Bryce, Painter and Kai’s PowerTools from MetaCreations
has many people wondering just what might be coming for Linux
desktop users from this Canadian company.”

“According to a Wide Open News story, TurboLinux’s CEO Cliff
Miller is using the spread far and wide strategy, generally
credited to Amazon, for generating business. Basically, the plan is
to spread the reach of TurboLinux to all points North, South, East
and West first, THEN attempt to make some money. Although not quite
as popular as Red Hat in the US, TurboLinux has quite a foothold in
Asia. This fact, and TurboLinux’s open arms to proprietary
software, has not escaped Oracle’s notice. On Monday of last week,
Oracle purchased a minority stake in the San Francisco based Linux
distributor. Oracle’s embrace of TurboLinux may give it an air of
legitimacy to the enterprise computing market, especially with
TurboLinux adding specific enhancements to improve Oracle’s
performance with that distribution.”