Linus Torvalds Takes Aim at Proprietary Tech, and Apple

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this link. ]

“Many times here on OStatic, we’ve taken note of the fact that
many fans of Linux and open source technology are also fans of
Apple’s products. Perhaps this correlation dates back to the Apple
of old, but something about Apple’s iconoclastic attitude fits well
with open source mindsets.

“These days, though, Apple has long since soared past Microsoft
in market capitalization terms, and Apple is a tech giant that even
Linus Torvalds feels fully comfortable trashing. The Cult of Mac
blog picked up on Torvalds’ anti-Apple comments at LinuxCon Brazil,
and also picked up this quote from Davi Pires, with the Brazilian
Ministry of Justice:

“‘When it comes to Apple, which does not allow people to use a
different cable to connect your iPhone to your computer, it is hard
to believe that the company refuses to meet a Brazilian law.'”

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