Linux and borrowing library ebooks

“The only trouble with desktop Linux is that every stinking
utility out there is for xp! You buy any device and it only
communicates to a computer through windows. Thus, I maintained an
xp machine to the very end.

“But you can have your Linux and xp too! Linux has an emulator
called Wine. On my 64 bit Athlon x2, it runs faster than xp ever
did! Nearly every xp utility runs on it, and only games are a pain,
since they always accessed the deep processor instructions.

“Now, my major problem was to keep borrowing ebooks from the
Toronto library. I want them to increase their collection, so I use
it. The only problem is that publishers want to stick to useless
Digital rights management (DRM), and you can only use this on
Windows, since they are closed binaries. So, on first sight, you
are screwed!”

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