Linux-based home NAS devices use as little as seven Watts

“Qnap Systems announced additions to its Linux-based Turbo NAS
family of network attached storage devices for the home/SOHO
market. The TS-x12 lineup includes the four-drive (up to 8TB)
TS-412, the two-bay TS-212, plus the single-drive TS-112, each
providing a 1.2GHz Marvell 6281 processor, 256MB of DDR2 memory,
plus gigabit Ethernet and USB connectivity.

“Like the four-bay TS-x19P+ NAS devices that Qnap announced in
November, the TS-x12 models come in four, two, and one-drive
versions, and are said to run on a Marvell system-on-chip (SoC).
While the earlier devices ran on a Marvell 6282 processor clocked
to 1.6GHz, the TS-x12 use a “brand new” Marvell 6281 clocked to
1.2GHz instead. This appears to be another version of the Marvell
Kirkwood design, which also spun off the related Armada 300.

“The new TS-x12 models offer slightly scaled down functionality
compared to their TS-x19p counterparts, although the two four-bay
models appear almost identical. The two-bay and single-bay devices
share a physical design that differs from the TS-219P+ and


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