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For immediate release
Monday, 01 March 1999

Siamese 8-Pack Case.


For Linux Clusters or 3d Render Farms.

Siamese Systems are pleased to announce their new product range
called the “8-Pack”. This case is designed to hold up to 8
motherboards, PC or Alpha, in single or multiprocessor
configuration, in a robust, reliable and space saving unit.
Prototypes are being prepared and tested and we welcome feed back
from potential customers on their needs in this small but important

The case is designed for two main markets, the Linux Cluster
community, which is growing in popularity and the 3D Render farm
applications. These markets need a machine to be able to run
reliably for long periods, be cost effective and space

Main Benefits of the 8-Pack case over standard methods.

Space saving

Siamese Systems 8-Pack case fully loaded 0.115 cubic metres
Eight normal midi tower Alpha cases 0.322 cubic metres volume
Eight 19″ rack units 0.192 cubic metres volume

The 8-Pack dimensions are 620mm wide, 600mm tall and 360mm

Cost saving

Siamese 8-Pack case £ 900 + vat
Eight normal Alpha cases £ 968 + vat
Eight 19″ rack units, (excludes frame) £ 1560 + vat


The 8-Pack case has six internal shared power supplies giving
excellent redundancy, so if one fails then there are still five
working together, albeit with lower available current. Power
supplies come as 6x250W as standard but can be upgraded to 6x300W
for an extra £60 + vat.

Ease of upgrade

The 8-Pack gives full access to all motherboards from one place,
while still running. Any PC motherboard in the ATX form factor can
be fitted with most processors including the awesome Alpha 21164
and 21264. The modules have a PCI converter to allow one card to be
fitted. In the Linux Cluster this will be Ethernet and in the
Render Farm, you would use the UX2 motherboard with Ethernet on
board and this slot would hold a basic graphics card to give VGA or
more output.

Control of processors.

In a cluster, you need only log a Telnet connection for the
server to monitor each unit. For the render farm use, there will be
an optional keyboard/mouse/video switcher to control and monitor
all eight systems from one keyboard mouse and monitor.

Ethernet performance.

Because the 8-Pack was designed with one server for every seven
processing modules, the internal 8-Pack network has plenty of
bandwidth. Each 8-Pack server has a second Ethernet card to connect
to the backbone, both are NE2000, 10/100mbit PCI card as standard.
The choice of the optional Gigabit replacement cards for even
greater performance is available. The more 8-Packs you join
together the greater the performance of your system.

Link multiple 8-Packs together to create much larger systems for
the most demanding processing that can be shared across multiple


The back of the 8-Pack case has a row of seven fans, which
literally suck the hot air out of the case after pulling it from
the ventilation holes around the base. The six power supplies also
provide plenty of ventilation around the drives, but optional drive
fans can be fitted for high rpm units. The case is made from a very
strong metal construction with excellent EMI protection and is
designed to give access to all components as easy as possible. As
you can see the system has been designed to combine as much
equipment as possible in a small space.

Sample system price and specification for the hardware only.
Please ask for software setup pricing.
Alpha based Linux Cluster.

Main server computer, 8-Pack case, no extra processor

Alpha 21164 LX 533mhz with 2mb cache.
256mb ram
16.8gb EIDE drive
S3 Virge DX 4mb graphics.
2 x PCI NE2000 Ethernet cards
32 x IDE CD-ROM drive
Floppy, keyboard, mouse.

£ 2260.00 + vat

Extra processor only units

Alpha 21164 LX 533mhz with 2mb cache.
256mb ram
PCI NE2000 Ethernet card.

£ 1150.00 + vat

Total fully configured system with 8 Alpha’s loaded.

£ 10,310.00 + vat

If you have any questions please email me. steve@siamese.co.uk

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