Linux.com: Alternate Hardware

“I’ve been an on and off Linux user ever since I was introduced
to it in 1995.”

“One thing I noticed however was that the x86 versions of Linux
suffered from the fragmentation of PC hardware. Unless I was
extremely careful I could end up with a great OS that didn’t
support the hardware I had. So when it came time for me to get a
laptop I weighed my choices and went with the Powerbook G3 from

“LinuxPPC that had just released a version that was compatible
with my Powerbook. I decided to install LinuxPPC 1999 Q3 on my
laptop and see how it worked. I was amazed to see how easy it was
to install.”

“Though my graphics did not work at first I simply searched for

“So far I have had no problems with my system and it had become
my main development machine.”

“As of this writing there are several distributions of PPC
Linux. These include Debian, LinuxPPC, MkLinux, TurboLinux, and
Yellow Dog Linux. The verdict? I see cheap PowerPC desktops
such as the iMac becoming a preferred choice for Linux desktop