Linux.com: Blast from the Past: GNU/Linux – The Genius Among

“The lonely misunderstood programmer is a thing of the past. The
future belongs to the genius created among us. GNU/Linux is the
foremost example of this type of collaborative effort: a community
of individuals, each contributing according to his own ability, and
sharing the results. This model can create far beyond what anyone
alone can do. The individual genius, whether of literature or code,
will always be a human fact; but a community of genius is the true
future of the world.”

“Can you imagine if the Internet had been around at the time of
Frederick Nietzsche? Would he have died a lonely misunderstood
genius? If there were only one in a hundred thousand that could
have understood him, at least a few would have found him. They
would have heard him, consoled him, and shared ideas at his level.
If that had happened, perhaps he would not have died insane. A
community would have helped him and his work mature.”

Certain things only become available through technology.
Without the Internet, where would Linux be now? Would it have even
happened? But the Internet came, and Linus came.
A few
responded and the kernel grew. The GNU worked and shared. The
isolated passions of a few became the passion of many, and the
genius among was greater than the genius alone. A community was