Linux.com: Buddying up to BSD: Part One

“I’ve been meaning to delve into the free BSDs for awhile now.
After the very first Linux article I wrote, I received a couple of
e-mails from BSD pundits. They were very polite and offered to help
me get started using BSD. One even offered to mail me a FreeBSD
CD-ROM at no charge!”

“Obviously these guys knew how to advocate! I am a very vocal
Linux supporter, yet these folks put the idea into my head that I
should at least give BSD a shot. They already taught me a couple
new ways to advocate Linux, why not see what else I could

I also would like to evaluate some of the technical
differences between the two. What does BSD do that Linux doesn’t
but should do? How does having a centralized design process affect
the operating system?
How easy is it for a long time Linux
user to transition over to BSD? Is there any unique software that
Linux isn’t using yet?”