Linux.com: Building Customized Financial Documents with Free Spreadsheets

“Spreadsheets are the do-it-yourself version of financial
software. They have all the power of other financial software, but
in a less finished package. Instead of wizards and ready-made
forms, they offer the raw material of hundreds of functions, only
some of which are relevant to personal or business finance, and
leave you to arrange them in a meaningful fashion.

“Under these circumstances, the fact that many people choose
friendlier financial software isn’t surprising, but you don’t need
to be among them. The truth is, you can start to employ
spreadsheets for business or personal finances with knowledge of
only the most basic arithmetical functions, and branch out into the
more complex spreadsheet tools and functions later–or not all.
Meanwhile, unlike some other financial software, you’ll have the
advantage of being able to customize your documents exactly
according to your needs and preferences…”


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