Linux.com: CLI Magic: Customize your Comics with dailystrips

“Here’s a handy Perl script to automate a critical part of your
daily routine. dailystrips can help fetch your favorite Internet
comic strips in time for you to enjoy them with your first cup of
coffee, without your having to surf for them. You can run it from
the CLI, or set it up to run automatically each day in cron. Set up
correctly, dailystrips will either create an HMTL file you can
browse to read the strips, or actually download the images and
store them locally for you–your choice.

“After downloading, decompress the tarball with tar xzf
dailystrips-version.tar.gz or tar xjf dailystrips-version.tar.bz2,
depending on which compression type you selected. You’ll also need
to have Perl installed, and ImageMagick too, if you’re going to use
the more sophisticated local mode…”


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