Linux.com: Create Training Videos with pyvnc2swf

“How many times has someone verbally explained how to do
something on a computer to you? How many times do you end up asking
them to just show you? For these situations there is pyvnc2swf, a
program that turns screen input into video files. Let’s see just
how easy it is to use it to producing training videos.

“Vnc2swf comes in two versions. The older C version is outdated
and not recommended. The newer Python version, pyvnc2swf, is the
one to install. I installed pyvnc2swf on openSUSE 10.0, but the
same download works on any platform with Python and pygame.
Pyvnc2swf also requires a VNC server; you can use TightVNC,
RealVNC, or UltraVNC, to name a few…”


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