Linux.com: Fresh Out of the Box

[ Thanks to Jeff Alami
for this link. ]

“You’re proud. Linux has been installed, and you’re feeling all
warm and fuzzy. You’re free from the daily crashes of an OS like
Windows 98, you get the freedom to choose your software and
actually contribute back to the community. You’re at the top of the
world. Now if you could only figure out how to change your screen
resolution, you’d be set. Finding “help” with other operating
systems can seem pretty easy. Just call some tech support number
and sit on hold for about six years, being told repeatedly by a
recorded voice exactly how important your call is to them. But now
that you’re using Linux, you’re beginning to feel a bit
Where can you turn to now? Who will hold your hand?
Don’t sweat it pal. No other OS has more documentation and user
groups then Linux. It’s almost a given that if you want to do it,
then so did someone else… and they probably documented their
efforts. The only question which remains is: where do I find the
answer I’m looking for? Good question. Let’s answer it in three

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