Linux.com: I Love Man Pages

[ Thanks to Jeff Alami
for this link. ]

“Many of the commands in Unix are documented in the man pages.
To read a man page about a command, type man command.”

“I spent the first few months of my exploration of Unix
completely fascinated and awed by man pages. Man pages were, to me,
representative of the sheer bigness of Unix and the industrious,
earnest effort that went into so much of an operating system I was
coming to love.”

Man pages represented self-sufficiency that hinged on the
goodwill of others
, too. When I’d ask for help from someone,
and they’d say, for instance, `oh, you need to use foo to do that’,
I knew to visit foo’s man page to see what I could turn up on my
own. The community was there to help with a pointer, but not to
mollycoddle, or enable laziness.”