Linux.com: Integrating Linux

“It is no secret that companies all over the world are beginning
to see and desire the benefits of the Linux operating system.
Conversion to Linux is a volatile discussion topic in many
workplaces today. It is, indeed, a very difficult decision for
executives. Linux, which had previously been considered an
“underground” operating system, is now being touted by technical
media. However, it is also being chastised at much the same

“How does one decide which operating system is best suited to a
corporation’s needs?”

“This is an arduous question complicated by several economic and
technical factors. The decision-making process is often clouded by
fear, uncertainty, and doubt.”

“The intent of this article is to provide you with adequate
information upon which you will be able to make an informed
decision about an option you may not have thought possible:
INTEGRATION. By incorporating Linux into your existing IT
infrastructure, you will be able to personally measure the benefits
and downfalls of operating systems.
You will be able to weigh
your options based on your company’s needs and the performance of
your own systems. Integration can help you to take the guesswork
out of this crucial question.”