Linux.com: It’s the Community, Stupid!

One of the most incredible things about the Linux operating
system can’t be found in the kernel or any of the GNU tools. You
won’t find it bundled with any of the distributions, either.

It’s what Linux users know as “the community” — a very broad term
that represents all the Linux/Open Source software users across the
globe. The community is an intangible benefit that you receive,
free of charge, when you join the revolution and put Linux on your

“Last fall, I decided to take the plunge and put Linux on my
primary workstation. Naturally, as a newbie, I soon found myself
scouring the Internet for information on proper configuration and
such. I was overwhelmed by the vast quantity of information
revealed by my searches. What really made an impression on me was
that most of it had been compiled by volunteers….”

“Be warned, though; the sense of community is infectious. Never
in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would fall in love
with an operating system, at its heart nothing but ones and zeroes.
However, what I really fell in love with is the spirit that created
it, and the concept that everyone deserves a better operating
system. The community has embraced me, and I intend to return the