Linux.com – Linux Store Front Advocacy

[ Thanks to Jim Ray
for this link. ]

“Linux has seen a great many forms of advocacy in the last three
years. These have ranged from Trade Shows, company sponsorship
(ie… Netscape), public forums such as LUG meetings and DemoDay,
and finally the rousing advertisements that have occurred recently
on the New York Stock Exchange floor. In general these venues have
been good at getting the word out to the “first and possible second
adopters”, but I believe they haven’t nearly reached a majority of
the desired target audience.”

“I contacted the Community Relations Manager for BNB in
She was quite interested in supporting our effort
with time and space. She also confided with me
she was particularly interested because the Linux
books were the fastest selling ones in her Computer section.

In all honesty, I love BNB, but I really didn’t believe the Linux
books sold very well at all, now I know they simply kept the
shelves stocked. Once I got approval for the events, I updated the
LUG site and also sent periodic email prior to the event. Since we
started we have had a good, consistent turn out.”