Linux.com: Microsoft Monopoly Musings

I’d expected Microsoft to put up a greater fight than it
has to date. It seems apparent that Microsoft executives have lost
touch with reality. The rank and file seems to be more clued in on
trends in the industry.
The Halloween documents, written by a
former Microsoft engineer, were a brilliant analysis of Linux and
open source trends. If upper management had followed through on
some of the recommendations, Linux would have had a steeper
mountain to climb in the fight for corporate acceptance.”

“Microsoft probably could have settled this case long ago and
eventually weaseled out of it, like they did with previous consent
decrees. Unfortunately for their customers, Microsoft had become
arrogant. They had their desktop monopoly, and despite claims of
innovation they were playing a different game. Microsoft would wait
until someone actually innovated, and then would buy the innovators
or force them out of business.”