Linux.com: Mobilizing the Linux Community

“Part of the beauty of the Linux community is its relaxed,
informal nature. Generally speaking, there are no real central
organizational structures. While this freedom is important for its
development, it has resulted in volunteer efforts being scattered
around the Internet. What the community needs is a central location
to recruit and locate Linux volunteers.”

What I am proposing is a web site devoted to Linux
volunteerism. To the best of my knowledge, nothing like this
currently exists. Many Open Source projects include a request for
volunteers on their respective sites, but you’d have to visit each
of these sites to find these opportunities.
Furthermore, many
people feel that if they can’t code, they can’t contribute. Nothing
could be further from the truth, though. We’ve got plenty of coders
happily hacking away, but they need volunteers to help support
their projects. Specifically, we need documentation writers,
testers, site developers, advocates, etc.”