Linux.com: Newbie Questions

“I have been running Linux on my desktop system for about a
month now. I got everything set up, and haven’t been happier with
my computer. A lot of the reviews Linux has gotten, have
complimented many aspects of the OS. People have listened. In the
past year, the Linux market share has grown by 200%. I have spent a
lot of time in the IRC channel #linuxhelp on the Open Projects
server. Due to the large influx of newbies in the Linux community,
I have seen a lot of newbies come into the channel to ask
questions. No one has any problems against that. After looking at
newbies ask questions, I have seen that most of the questions
newbies ask are the same. I am going to try to answer a few of
those questions.”

  • Can I have Windows and Linux on the same machine?
  • What distribution should I use?
  • Can I run my Windows programs on Linux?
  • Can I run a GUI, like Windows?
  • Can I type up documents in Linux?
  • Will my modem work?
  • Where can I get a cheap CD of Linux?
  • Do I need to reformat my hard drive to use Linux?