Linux.com: Personal Side of Being a Sysadmin

“So you think you’ve got what it takes to administrate a server
farm or office network with hundreds, if not thousands of users on
it? The unfortunate reality of being a Systems Administrator is
that sometime during your career, you will most likely run into a
user (or lus3r if you prefer) whom has an IQ of a diced carrot and
demands that you drop everything to fix their

“This article focuses on how to deal with these kinds of issues.
We will look at how to deal with day-to-day issues that spring up,
and more importantly how not to deal with them. We will go over a
number of tips and tricks that will pull your bacon from the coals
when stuff happens. Finally, we will look at how to deal with
priorities in a triage situation when it all goes wrong.”

“First let’s look at a number of practical examples of
situations that may arise in every day work as a Sysadmin.”


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