Linux.com.sg (Singapore): Linux 2000 Coming to a server near you (Part 1)

[ Thanks to Ng Kai
Hoe Raymond
for this link. ]

When I was asked to write a prediction for the Linux
operating system in Singapore next year, I was suddenly struck by
how far Linux had come.

“Six months ago, no major IT publication in Singapore would
publish such a story. In September 1998, when Webworks was the
first company in Singapore to officially announce Linux support and
professional services, nobody knew about Linux. Back then, whenever
I mentioned “Linux”, people would counter with “Li-what?” with a
bewildered look on their faces. Things got slightly better in March
1999, when the first Singapore Linux Conference was held in Suntec
City. In the same month, Oracle Openworld even had its own Linux
pavilion. Then, people would say, “Ah yes, Linux, heard about it”.
And things kept getting better. Today, people I speak to generally
would say, “Linux, tell me more about it.” The mood is generally
more receptive. I predict that by early next year, the response
will be, “Ah Linux, now sell me something on Linux!” I hope, I

“Is my optimism overplaced? The signs are certainly pointing in
that direction. With more commercial software and hardware being
offered on Linux, MIS and CIOs are seriously considering Linux as
an enterprise OS. And why not; there is no licensing, maintenance
is low, it is technologically stable and reliable, and software
upgrades are free. The TCO is generally low. A year back, they
might decry a lack of commercial third party applications and