Linux.com: Software Administration on Linux?

“Applications are the heart and soul of what any operating
system is really about. Can the operating system run the
applications that you need? The most efficient and stable operating
system ever created would be nothing without applications.
Maintaining a large variety of applications in a corporate
environment can be challenging to say the least, however, Linux has
some wonderful features that can help to greatly simplify this

Eliminate the need to install and maintain an application
on every system on your network. Many operating systems require
that an application be installed on the local system in order to
function properly.
This means that you have to not only
install the software on every system, but also when an upgrade
comes out? Linux, like Unix in general, offers you the ability to
install an application on a server and then simply run the
application straight off of that server. Unlike some other systems,
the application resides on the network resource, but is actually
run from the local system meaning that as the number of users
increases the application performance doesn’t decrease

“By having a single installation of an application
troubleshooting and upgrading is greatly simplified as you now have
only a single install to worry about. This type of software
installation also allows you to make the software read-only, which
reduces the chances that a user may inadvertently damage the
software in some way. This all boils down to one application, one