Linux.com: Software Development in the New Millennium: Preventing Gales of Derisive Laughter

“Recent events have put Red Hat and Microsoft under the
microscope of public examination from the discussion of security
holes in some of their offerings.”

As public scrutiny of Microsoft and other software
companies increases, it’s clearly apparent to me that the
“traditional companies” have no idea whatsoever how to publicly
account for their actions
. It’s almost laughable how they come
up with spin that sounds so hollow in light of their recent
actions. It’s funny how we can call a 20-year-old company in a
30-year-old industry a “traditional” business.”

“It must be hard days indeed for the Microsoft Public Relations
department and the consultants they hire. Can you imagine the
meetings going on: “The engineers did WHAT? Fire their sorry
asses.” “We did, two years ago.” “What can we do to make this blow
over?” “Pay some of our tame journalists to jump on something,
anything that comes up for Linux or Sun.” “Will that work?” “I
don’t know, but I’ll be fired too if I don’t have some plan.”


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