Linux.com: Struggles of a website designer.

“I’m not the artistic type, never have been. My brother
inherited the graphics skills and I inherited the scientific mind.
I always considered it to be an even split. I now sit in front of
my computer trying to create a design on my computer that reflects
all of the images that I have floating around in my mind. It’s
hard. I have been spoiled my entire life because I haven’t had to
express any of the artistic ideas that come into my mind. Instead,
I let other people do my work.”

“My attitude towards graphics and the arts reflected my former
attitude about operating systems. I’ll let someone else do the work
while I get an easy out. Everything’s completed for me, I just have
to click a button. Growing up, Windows was great. All was laid out
for me. As I got older, Windows became more and more frustrating
because I could envision all of these things that I wanted to do
with my operating system, but couldn’t. If I found a bug in the
system, I had to wait for a service pack to be released before it
could be patched. That would sometimes take months, too.”

Then I discovered Linux. It allowed me to do the things
that I couldn’t in Windows. If I found a bug, I could fix it
myself. If I didn’t like the way things were, I could change it. In
exchange for this freedom, though, I had to do it all myself. I had
to learn commands to get around the kernel. I had to learn the
differences between the kernel and the window manager. Before, all
of this had been packaged together as a single operating system.
Those days were gone.


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