Linux.com: Taking the Plunge: Installing Linux on a Laptop

“I awoke this morning filled with resolve to cleanse the evil
taint from my sturdy little Toshiba laptop, named Angel after the
fact that she is painted in the insignia of one of the Blue Angels.
After spending a few minutes getting the last of my personal
stuff off the hard drive and writing down the IRQs of all the
hardware (hey, you just never know), I popped in my LinuxMandrake
CD, rebooted, set the BIOS to boot off a CD first, and began the
installation process.
I put the project on hold for a few
seconds to ingest more caffeine (when you’re dumbfounded by a
partitioning screen, more caffeine is very necessary), then plunged
right in….”

“I’d only ever installed RedHat before (except for Slackware
waaaaaay on back in high school, and one botched attempt at Debian
that I don’t even want to talk about), but all sources told me that
LinuxMandrake was based off of RedHat, so I didn’t expect to
encounter any problems on that end. The problems I expected were
with hardware – Toshiba has apparently forgotten that it ever
manufactured my model of Satellite….”