Linux.com: The Dave Whitinger interview

[ Thanks to Dave
for this link. ]

Dave Whitinger is a co-founder of Linux Today, a
continuously updated source of Linux news for the community. He
recently started Linsight, a site providing information for Linux

“Linux.com: Tell me a little about the history of Linux

“Dave Whitinger: Whew, I’ve told this story a thousand times. 🙂
First, check out http://utopia.whitinger.net/ for details of the
history. The fairly short version is:”

“Sep 1997: Started a Linux News website called “Three Point’s
Linux News.”

“Summer 1998: Dwight Johnson suggested we partner up and create
a professional Linux News site.”

“September 1998: Three Point receives a complete redesign and is
re-launched as Linux Today.”

“October 14, 1999: internet.com acquired Linux Today. One of my
requirements of selling LT was that I would be free to go off and
not be a part of LT anymore.”