Linux.com: The Free Software Entrepreneur’s Guide: Part 2

As the revenues of companies involved in Free Software and
Linux increase, Free Software entrepreneurship looks more and more
like a winning proposition. In the first part of the Free Software
Entrepreneur’s Guide, we looked at three methods for making money
with Free Software. Here are two more exciting ways to get your own
Free Software company started.

“…In the computer business, selling hardware is considered to
be one of the most difficult strategies, mainly because of the
cut-throat competition and the dismal profit margins. The same is
true for companies selling hardware with Free Software integrated
— in the Linux community, companies such as Atipa Linux Solutions,
Penguin Computing, and VA Linux Systems specialize in this
difficult business. If you’re looking to sell your Free Software
solution with hardware, you’ll be up against not only these Linux
upstarts, but also some of the biggest fishes in the sea, such as
IBM, Dell, and Compaq.”

“…For almost as long as there were computers, there were
computer magazines. For free operating systems, namely Linux, print
magazines have been around since the Linux Journal printed its
first issue in 1994. Now the Linux community has several magazine
choices, including Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, Maximum Linux,
and the Journal of Linux Technology.”

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