Linux.com: The friendliest, hardest-working and most neurotic little media company in the world

“Q: What do you get when you put three techs, two salespeople, a
designer, two executives and a couple of administrative staff
together in an office?”

“If you answered “User Friendly the Comic Strip”, you’re not far
off. J.D. Frazer, the cartoonist known online as “Illiad”, bases
many of his comic strip ideas on real-life scenarios. That’s
right, folks… Mike, Stef, and the rest of the gang really do
exist. No wonder Illiad seems to have such a handle on the Linux

“User Friendly has been hiring new staff like mad for the past
few months, and plans more expansion in the near future. WebDiva`D
says, “We’re bent on world domination, without a doubt. We are
creating the UFieverse one geek at a time. We have big plans in the
short and long term.” Will this mean more jobs for geeks in the UF
office? “Absolutely. We are planning big around our community… we
want to do more for and with the community, and are putting the
infrastructure in place to make that happen.”