Linux.com: Triple-Booting with GRUB, LILO, and Windows XP

“Wondering how to create a triple-booting system that involves
Windows and two Linux distributions–one that uses the GRUB
bootloader and the other using LILO? Here’s a hands-on procedure
that lets you do just that, without tweaking cryptic configuration
files and messing with geeky commands.

“When you power on a PC with multiple operating systems
installed, software called a bootloader asks you what operating
system to boot. A boot loader can be installed on the master boot
record (MBR) of your hard disk, or you may install it on the root
partition that a Linux distro uses. For x86 hardware, you have the
choice of two popular bootloaders in the Linux world–the Grand
Unified Bootloader (GRUB) and the Linux Loader (LILO)…”