Linux.com: Updating Made Easy with EasyUbuntu

“Ubuntu uses only open/free formats, so it doesn’t include
playback support for formats such as MP3, Windows Media Audio
(WMA), and Audio Video Interleave (AVI) that may have some
restrictions. If your country has no such restrictions or legal
issues with these formats, the Restricted Formats article on the
Ubuntu wiki can help you install software that plays such files. Or
you can do it they easy way, with EasyUbuntu, a Python script that
gives Ubuntu users access to commonly used applications and codecs
through a neat graphical user interface (GUI).

“In addition to free codecs to play MP3s and other non-free
formats, EasyUbuntu installs libdvdcss to read DVDs, and activates
the ‘audio preview’ under Nautilus…”