Linux.com: Ututo-e: “The Only Free Distribution” Revisited

“A year ago, I reviewed Ututo-e, an Argentinian distribution
based on Gentoo. Ututo-e is known mainly as the only GNU/Linux
distribution endorsed by Richard Stallman and the Free Software
Foundation (FSF). This endorsement is based on the fact that
Ututo-e, in the words of Peter Brown of the FSF, ‘makes a
commitment to follow the philosophy of the FSF as to what makes a
distribution ethically free software.’ Last year, this endorsement
seemed premature, because Ututo-e, while promising in some places,
was buggy in many more. A year later, the 2006 release of Ututo-e
is more polished, especially in its desktop and selection of
administration tools, but its English version still falls below the
standard of leading distributions such as Debian or Fedora


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