Linux Continues Mainstream Acceptance

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RALEIGH, NC — February 9, 1999 — One of the country’s top
marketers of OS/2 hardware and software products today introduced
Atlas, a pre-loaded Linux workstation designed for individuals and
organizations that need a system offering more stability and
configurability than other popular operating systems.

Indelible Blue, Inc., the country’s #1 reseller of OS/2 and an
IBM/Lotus direct channel partner, broadened its Linux selection
today with the announcement of Atlas, a workstation pre-loaded with
Red Hat Linux version 5.2. The workstation enhances Indelible
Blue’s continually growing line of commercially available Linux
application software and development tools.

The name Atlas comes from the character in Greek mythology that
carries the sky on his shoulders, representing great strength and
stability. Indelible Blue’s system is designed to carry the weight
of most any computing task with the highest degree of stability and
performance. Preloaded with Red Hat Linux version 5.2, Atlas comes
in a variety of Intel processor and hard drive configurations (IDE
and SCSI), and all models come standard with 128 megs of
synchronous DRAM, 40x CD-ROM, sound card, and an 8 meg Matrox
Millenium video card. Prices start at just under $1,300.

For businesses or individuals requiring more than one computing
environment, multiple operating system pre-loads are available
(Windows 98/Linux, Windows NT/Linux, and OS/2/Linux), leveraging
Indelible Blue’s years of experience in custom OS

Future Linux hardware plans include servers configured for
specific duties such as firewall and IP routing. Indelible Blue is
also considering pre-loading Linux on IBM ThinkPads as soon as
additional hardware support is available. More information on Atlas
is located at www.indelible-blue.com/hardware.

Better Platform, Better Performance

The addition of the Atlas workstation into Indelible Blue’s
Linux selection allows businesses of any size to easily target or
migrate systems to the Linux platform, and reap the undisputed
benefits of this flexible, powerful, scalable, and reliable
enterprise desktop and server operating system.

“Our goal with Atlas was to build a Linux system that is ready
to run out of the box. With Atlas, you can begin work immediately
instead of having to work on the operating system itself,” says
Buck Bohac, president of Indelible Blue, in Raleigh, NC. “I also
feel comfortable saying that we are probably the only company
offering OS/2 and Linux pre-loaded on the same machine.”

About Indelible Blue

Indelible Blue is the country’s #1 OS/2 software and hardware
supplier offering buyers a true choice in their computing
solutions. Providing one-stop shopping and competitive pricing for
thousands of popular software titles and hardware products,
Indelible Blue specializes in solutions for OS/2, IBM/Lotus, Linux,
and Java.

Indelible Blue also builds custom configured hardware systems
with preloaded, pretested software configurations to meet the most
challenging specifications. Indelible Blue can be reached at
1-800-776-8284, or via e-mail at sales@indelible-blue.com, or
on the Web at www.indelible-blue.com.

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