Linux distros advance on the networking front

“Wind River announced that Arkoon Network Security will use Wind
River Linux to develop its FAST 360 family of network security
devices. Meanwhile, Wind River rival MontaVista Software announced
it has joined the OpenSAF Foundation, which promotes the high
availability middleware integrated into recent releases of
MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition.

“Wind River announced that Arkoon Network Security has
standardized on Wind River Linux to develop the FAST 360 family of
enterprise-focused network security devices. The FAST 360 network
appliances incorporate Cavium Octeon and Intel Xeon processors.

“Last month, Wind River announced its fourth-generation
commercial embedded Linux distribution, Wind River Linux 4, based
on the Linux 2.6.34+ kernel, and offering GCC 4.4, EGLIBC 2.11, and
GDB 7 cross-compiling toolchains. Wind River Linux 4 provides
multiple virtualization options, PREEMPT RT real-time Linux,
multi-team collaboration features, and a new native x86 build
environment. The distribution is also said to support the upcoming
Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) CGL 5.0, says the company.”

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