Linux Format: EuroOSCON Days 1,2 (mashup)+ Day 3 (RC1)

“Yes, it is only lunchtime here, but I thought I would nip in
with a quick post so I can avoid being called a slacker again. I
should perhaps recap on some of the stuff I went to that Paul
didn’t over the last few days.

“One of these was the session on alternative energy–which
wasn’t really so much of a session as a conference planning
session. It seems like a good idea to get loads of people with an
interest in the topic all together in one place. The interesting
thing was the amount of interest shown from the rather geeky
audience. You might think they would think nothing of throwing
another rainforest on the furnace just to power a few extra nodes
on their clusters, but the concern was real…”


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