Linux Forums: Linux & Open Source Software: The History

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this link. ]

“If you have stumbled across this page in your search for
enlightenment about this strange thing called ‘Linux’ you keep
hearing about, welcome. Over the next few weeks/months I intend to
write a series of beginners pieces explaining what Linux is, where
it came from, where it’s going, how to use it and why you

“If on the other hand you are a regular Linux user or Linux
Forums guru, bear in mind when reading what follows who it is
intended for. You will find omissions (you try fitting 40 years of
history into 2000 words), simplifications (they are
deliberate–mostly) and errors (I’m only human). Please feel free
to add helpful comments and clarifications, but remember, you are
clarifying Linux for newbies, not seeking to score points over your
fellow gurus…”

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