Linux Gaining Share at Windows’ Expense

“Linux is growing in the enterprise with adoption set to expand
over the next five years, according to data from a study sponsored
by the Linux Foundation.

“The Linux Foundation conducted a survey of nearly 2,000
enterprise users and found that 76.4 percent of respondents are set
to add Linux servers in the next 12 months. In contrast, only 41.2
percent of respondents indicated that they planned to be adding new
Windows servers during that same period. The picture looks even
brighter for Linux when looking at the five year view. According to
the Linux Foundation’s data, during the next five years 79.4
percent of enterprises will be adding more Linux servers, while
only 21.3 percent will be adding new Windows servers.

“Growth in Linux server deployments is coming from both new
workloads as well as migrations from both Unix and Windows. Windows
migrations to Linux are set to account for 36.6 percent of new
Linux deployments. Unix migrations to Linux are slightly lower at
31.4 percent. The largest share of new Linux deployments is set to
come from new workloads at 66 percent.”

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